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How can I contact you?
Call anytime, (678)590-8410, Monday thru Saturday- 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You may also contact us using the “Ask a Question” tab at our Website.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as cash and personal checks.

Is Casey Carpet Services licensed?
Yes, we are licensed in the state of Georgia and carry general liability insurance.

What services do you provide?

  • Sale and Installation of all types of carpet.
  • Sale and Installation of all kinds of hardwood flooring.
  • Sale and Installation of laminate flooring
  • Refinish hardwood floors.
  • Recoat existing hardwood floors.
  • Water-damage repairs.
  • General flooring repairs.

Can you provide references?
Yes. A list of references of our previous customers and their phone numbers is available upon request.

How can I see samples of flooring? Do you have a showroom?
To keep overhead and expenses to a minimum we work by appointment only. We do have access to all products provided by the major flooring manufacturers. To get competitive pricing simply go to any retailer, make your selection(s) and contact us with as much info about the manufacturer, style and color that you can obtain.  We will attempt to compile a price based on the information given. Occasionally products cannot be cross referenced due to price protection and an equivalent product and pricing may be given. Alternates or substitutions often lead the way to savings and deserve consideration.

NOTE: For a more accurate and thorough quote we suggest scheduling an appointment. Typically lasting between 30 minutes to an hour, an appointment provides an opportunity to discuss the scope of work, measure to space, show samples of products offered as specials and answer any questions you may have.

Can I get a free estimate?
Absolutely. Call (678)590-8410 or you can log in at the “Ask a Question” tab and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Is it possible for me to get a ball-park price by phone?
Yes. Providing a general or approximate price over the phone is an economical and valuable way to gauge overall costs. We will gladly provide costs for materials, labor etc. once the scope of work is determined. Naturally, the material cost is the variable that significantly affects the estimate. The higher the grade/quality/make up of flooring the more you can expect to pay. Typically, a dollar range is given. You should expect labor costs to be approximately the same regardless of type installed although exceptions may apply.

Who will actually be performing the work from your company?
We use an in house crew of experienced and established installers with whom we have a long term relationship.  On occasion Casey Carpet Services may require the use of contractor labor. CCS makes every effort to ensure only the utmost professionals are working at your home or office.

Do you have a warranty?
On any purchase, we will provide a lifetime guarantee on the installation provided by Casey Carpet Services. The manufacturer will provide the warranty on all products sold. CCS will provide a 1 year guarantee on installation of a product provided by the homeowner. The lifetime guarantee applies to the length of time the homeowner occupies the subject property. Installation warranties are nontransferable.

Will you guarantee your prices?
Yes. The only time additional charges may apply would be due to any unforeseeable circumstance affecting the quality of the job- subfloor damage, water damage, floors out of level, etc.  Any concerns regarding termites/pests, pet, smoke or any foul odor and the like will also be treated as unforeseen. Any issues concerning pre-existing conditions and their effect on the jobs integrity will be discussed at the time of the estimate along with an approximate costs and pricing necessary to remedy the situation.  If, at the time during the work process an unexpected issue is revealed, the job will cease until a charge agreed upon by both parties is reached.  Otherwise, YOU PAY ONLY FOR THE SCOPE OF WORK AS PROVIDED IN THE BILLING STATEMENT/INVOICE.

Will you cut under existing baseboards, door jambs, in order to fit the hardwood underneath?
Yes. It is an essential part of the prep work prior to installation and ensures a quality, professional looking job. . We also clean, vacuum and remove the debris under the baseboards, sand wood subfloors at the joints to ensure a level surface; we also scrape the floors to remove excess  paint, drywall mud and debris.

Will you level the subfloor?
We will level the floor to make it suitable for installation of the finished flooring. Carpet is generally very forgiving and does not require a perfectly smooth and level surface. Vinyl and wood flooring require a more precise surface- free of wood gouges, gaps in the subfloor of 1/8 inch or greater, raised nail heads, etc. Often sheets of subflooring or a thin layer of subfloor material will be needed.  Most of the time these items are unforeseen and floor prep charges may apply. We do not perform or make any structural repairs.

What’s involved in refinishing a floor that was previously covered with carpet?
First, the floor must be sanded thoroughly to expose the unfinished wood. One hundred percent of the surface area must be sanded-all edges, corners, closets, underneath appliances, etc. to remove the old stain and sealant. Next, the stain is applied. Often boards with significant discoloration will need to be removed and replaced. Pet urine, water damage, and other accidents can leave boards so badly discolored that sanding alone will not remove the discoloration. These boards must be removed and new ones installed to ensure a quality job. Upon sanding and applying stain, 3 coats of polyurethane must be applied. Each coat will need approximately 24 hours of drying time.

I want to remove the ceramic tile on the main level and install hardwoods.  I currently have hardwood flooring in the Living Room and Dining Rom. Is this possible?
Yes. First a match to the type of existing wood is necessary. This unfinished wood must be an exact species match –easily determined by testing. Thickness and board width must also match. Once that’s determined, the boards can be meshed or laced together at doors, entry ways-anywhere the old wood is to meet the new wood. Once the new wood is installed all surfaces must be sanded, stained and re-finished with 3 coats of polyurethane.  You can also get the same desired effect with pre finished wood if you are willing to compromise with an approximate match of the wood versus the exact match unfinished wood provides.

Deciding on a color for my hardwood floors is the single biggest decision challenge in the resurfacing process. What is the best way to make this decision?
Once the floor has been sanded choose small section of flooring, typically a closet or out of the way area, and apply a small sample of those stains you would most strongly consider. This will provide the best indication of how each stain takes/is absorbed by the wood.  All species of wood take on a different look and effect based on the absorption of stain. White pine will look much different when applied with a Proventil stain than a piece of red oak. This is a standard part of the installation process and no charge will apply for this service.

How dusty will my house be after the work is done?
Most upright sanding machines in service today catch as much as 95% of the airborne dust.  In addition, sheets of plastic are taped around doors and other openings to help keep dust to a minimum. All valuables and keepsake items should be removed from the work area. Keep in mind the fact that although your home is being temporally turned into a construction site every effort will be made to minimize the amount of dust.

Do I need to move out of my house while the work is being done?
Not necessarily-for most carpet, engineered or laminate wood jobs the newly finished space is ready to have the furniture/furnishings/fixtures/electronics/appliances/etc. put in place.  Newly sanded, stained and refinished floors require a minimum of 24 hours drying time.  Additionally, it is best to keep these areas sealed off. All air conditioning system and ceiling fans should be turned off to keep dust and debris from contaminating the newly finished floors

How long do most projects take?
Generally speaking the type of flooring combined with the amount of preliminary work involved dictates the length of time the job will require. Most jobs require considerable prep or demolition work-a necessary and vital step to ensure a quality job; additionally, taking up the old carpet and padding and moving bulk furniture consume time. These two steps can easily take as much time as installing the new finished floor. Smaller job can easily be done in a single day. Most carpet jobs less than 75 square yards can be done in a single day. For wood flooring production rates can be as high as 500 sq. ft. a day to as little as 200 sq. ft. a day. An estimated time range or number of days would be discussed at the time the estimate was given.

Will Casey Carpets move the furniture in my home?
We move only the bulk items- those items that are necessary to provide a clear and accessible path to the worksite. The homeowner is responsible for handling and safekeeping of all delicates, breakables, valuables, heirlooms, etc.  Additionally, items in home offices, storage areas, pantries, closets should be moved prior to installation. Objects mounted on a wall that might fall due to hammering or other construction activity, removal of books from bookcases, emptying china cabinets. bed linens, etc. are to be moved or boxes for easily removal by the flooring crew. Casey Carpet Services does not disassemble home entertainment systems, TV, stereo, computer, office equipment items, or any type electrical device. Upon completion of the install we will arrange/ place the bulk furniture back in place to suit the homeowner. We do not haul away used or unwanted clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.

Can you repair my damaged hardwood floor?
Yes. You can replace the individual boards or sand, stain and refinish the existing ones.

Do you replace shoe-molding/quarter round after taking it up during a job?
Yes, we replace shoe-molding on all refinishing and installation jobs. Choices include primed-white or finished-oak shoe-molding. Typically the old molding cannot be salvaged due to excessive wear, dry rot or its being brittle.

What is a prefinished floor?
"Prefinished" defines flooring assembled at a factory-the two types are solids and engineered.  Prefinished floors are generally superior in quality due to the fact they are made in a controlled environment. Industry standards require manufacturers to adhering to strict quality guidelines. Solids, as the name implies, are typically 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick with a factory baked finish applied. Engineered flooring consists of thin layers (1/16 to 1/8 inch approximately) of composite material glued cross sectional. This composite add substance/dimensional stability to the flooring. A wear layer of high quality finished wood is applied to the surface. Pre-finished floors come in a variety of wood species- oak, maple, pine, cherry, hickory, bamboo and others. Quality, wood species, board thickness and other factors contribute to the warranty provided by manufacturers. Solids can be sanded and re-finished many times. Engineered floors can be sanded down only one or two times for re-finishing. There is also a laminate type of prefinished flooring which is a wood-imitation product, essentially a wood design or picture applied as a finish to composite material.

What is the best way to clean wood floors?
Check the manufacture's recommendation for cleaning.

I have a concrete slab foundation. Can I install solid wood flooring or do I need engineered wood?
Engineered wood is generally recommended for concrete slabs as it can be glued directly to the concrete slab. For solid wood installation over concrete, a plastic moisture barrier is set on the slab, and then a layer of plywood will need to be nailed between the slab and the wood. Be sure to check the warranty for the wood you choose to make sure you are not voiding the warranty with this type of installation.

Can an engineered hardwood floor be refinished?
If the top layer is thick enough it can be refinished. Usually engineered wood floors that are at least 3/8" in thickness or more can be refinished one or two times.  Check the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the number of refinishes that can be done for your particular floor.

At certain times of the year I notice a small space between the planks of my floor. Why?
In a solid wood floor, gapping is an issue that cannot be stopped completely. By its nature, wood expands and contracts with changes in humidity. When the humidity is low and there is less moisture, usually in the winter heating months, wood will contract causing the gaps. This corrects itself in the spring and summer when there it is warmer and there is more moisture. Also, some species of wood are more susceptible to gapping than others. This is one advantage to engineered floors as its multi-ply construction makes it much more dimensionally stable than solid wood.

What should I use under my furniture to keep from scratching my floor?
Placing felt pads on the feet of your furniture will prevent scratches; also, purchase furniture sliders made for wood flooring when rearranging.

What is a laminate floor?
Laminate floors are constructed with several materials bonded together under high pressure. In general, laminate floors have a moisture resistant layer topped by a layer of HDF (high density fiberboard). The HDF is covered by a high-resolution image of natural wood flooring. The laminate is then coated with an extremely hard, clear coating made from special resin-coated cellulose as a wear layer.

Why do I need to use a moisture barrier on concrete?
A concrete slab, especially in a basement or a low lying area, may retain moisture. Laminate floors cannot have direct contact because the soil underneath the slab can cause humidity to reach the floor. It is vital to install a moisture barrier on a slab before a laminate installation. Engineered and solids should be installed using a polyurethane with a moisture barrier/protectant to eliminate this problem

I want to install laminate flooring throughout my house- is this possible?
Laminate can be installed virtually anywhere in your home above or below grade, over wood, concrete or vinyl. Caution should be used in areas with high levels of moisture such as bathrooms, washrooms, saunas, enclosed porches or verandas. Installation in these areas could lead to warping or swelling of the laminate.

What are some advantages of laminate over hardwood flooring?
Generally speaking, laminate will be less expensive than hardwood. Laminate floors are easier to install and are a popular choice for do-it-yourselfers. Most of the laminate available today is glue less, leading to a quick with less messy install. Since it is not truly a permanent floor it can be taken up and reused

Why leave a gap between the floor and my baseboards?
Manufacturers recommend a gap between the floor and baseboard to allow for the wood to expand. Fortunately, laminate floors do not have issues with expansion and contraction to the same extent as hardwood floors, however, it is a wood-based product and a slight expansion could lead to buckling of the floor. The gap, approximately 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch, will leave enough room to avoid any problem.

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